Q1. How much will the deposit be for my booking?. 1TOP

Normally 40% of the booking total is requested as the deposit payment, for bookings placed 9 months or more in advance we can split into two payments of 20% on an arranged schedule.

Q2. Can I pay by Credit Card?. 2TOP

We do not accept Credit Card payments for either the booking fee or the damages waiver deposit. Our preferred method of payment is via Bank transfer although we do accept cheques. .

Q3. What is the cost and what are the terms of the damages waiver?. 3TOP

The damages waiver deposit is payable 7 days prior to your booking date and is refunded in full within 7 days less any damage, the cost is £1,5k.

Q4. What will I be charged if a glass or plate etc. is broken?. 4TOP

The odd glass or plate breakage is covered under “fair wear and tear” and unless there had been an excessive amount you would not be charged. The deposit is to cover issues other than fair usage.

Q5.When can I arrive and what is the checkout time?. 5TOP

Arrival is normally 4pm Friday for a weekend, (an earlier checkin may be possible dates dependant). This is because we have midweek bookings departing Friday morning. Checkout is 2pm Sunday for a weekend and 10am for a week day, (later checkout may be possible by arrangement)

Q6. How many ‘fridges are there?. 6TOP

There is an independent wine cooler and ‘fridge/freezer with water filter and ice maker in the upstairs kitchen. A ’fridge/freezer in the BBQ kitchen and a larder fridge in the utility room.

Q7. What is provided with the accommodation?. 7TOP

Washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, bin liners, dishcloths, pan scrubbers and a starter kitchen roll.
Hand soap, towels and toilet rolls in each en-suite/bathroom/cloakroom.
Towels for the hot tub. Salt & Pepper in the kitchen. Gas for the BBQ and cleaning products in the utility.

Q8. Which supermarkets deliver to The Curve?. 5TOP

Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and ASDA – The delivery address is The Curve Eco House, South Thoresby, Lincs LN13 0AS.

Q9. Is it possible to hire a catering company for our stay at the Curve?. 5TOP

There are several quality caterers that we recommend;
Jeneana Limb Tel 01754 890514 / 07951 517276 info@skendlebycatering.co.uk , www.skendlebycatering.co.uk
Andrew Leonard tel. 01507 608210. courtyard@kenwick@gmail.com
Rachel Green www.rachel-green.co.uk.
Ed at The swine Waiter Tel 07584 421334 info@swinewaiter.co.uk www.swinewaiter.co.uk.

Q10.Where are the nearest shops, petrol station and local market towns?. 5TOP

We have a Spar shop with garage 1.5 miles away, Louth is 8 miles away and is known as the capital of the Lincolnshire Wolds. A lively market town it contains all banks, chemists and lovely independent shops as well as a couple of small supermarkets and a Morrisons.
Alford is a very small, sleepy market town approx. 3 miles away. There is a Lloyds Chemist, Co-op, Martins Newsagents, Lloyds and Barclays banks. Spilsby with a Sainsbury Supermarket is 7 miles.
Horncastle is 17 miles away, a lively small market town with great antique hunting to be had.

Q11. Can you recommend any local restaurants?. 5TOP

We highly recommend the Greyhound in Louth which is very popular; www.greyhoundlouth.co.uk tel 01507 604685.
Magpies restaurant in Horncastle is also held in high regard; www.magpiesrestaurant.co.uk tel 01507 527004.

Q12. Where are the nearest golf clubs?. 5TOP

Please copy and paste the following link for information / map- https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/golf+clubs+near+Louth/@53.2632788,0.0722976,11z/data=!4m5!2m4!3m3!1sgolf+clubs!2sLouth,+Lincolnshire!3s0x47d62a0c21a749c5:0x720a7c7d4fa901f0.

Q13. Here is heading for answer no. 5TOP

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